Polaris Pro RMK Rush Graphics Wrap Kits

Polaris Pro RMK Rush Snowmobile Sled Wraps – Speed Demon Style!

We have a huge line of Snowmobile Graphic Wrap Kits for your Polaris Pro RMK Rush 2011 – 2015

Take a look at the links below. If you see a wrap you like, but want personalized, contact us. We don’t make your sled wrap until you order it so we can absolutely customize your order. We can change color or add text — just for a couple of examples.

Our snowmobile and sled wraps are designed with the novice do-it-yourself installer in mind. We want your Polaris wrap to look amazing whether you hire a professional installer or spend an afternoon yourself in your garage.


All our Sled / Snowmobile Wrap Graphics are hand-drawn and digitally printed. Then precisely cut for ease of install and matching up of design.

We use high quality materials designed to match your vehicle’s needs.

We use environmentally friendly inks in your wrap and a UV resistant laminate to ensure long life.

Your RMK Wrap is dreamt up, drawn, printed, laminated, cut, packaged, and shipped to you – all out of our custom shop in Northern Idaho. We can usually have your order shipped within 3-5 business days which means you don’t have to wait long to get your ride wrapped!

If you don’t see a design that grabs your attention, contact us and give us an idea of what you’re looking for. We’re here to get you noticed!

These RMK wraps are not designed to cover all of the existing color, but rather, to enhance it. To enable the do-it-yourself installer, these vinyl pieces are cut to fit on various sections of the RMK but do not wrap around pieces to completely cover the existing paint. Please keep in mind your current color when deciding on a wrap design.